Roland Hagenberg

Born in Austria; grows up in Vienna.

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Co-founder of the literary magazine Die Klinge (with Franz Krahberger, Friederike Mayröcker, Robert Menasse, Elfriede Czurda, Hubert Winter, Thomas Kueffel, Gerhard Jaschke and others).


PublicationWiener in Berlin, a documentary on the Viennese art community (Berlin).


Publication Vom Jugendstil zum Freistiel, the first publication  on artist Martin Kippenberger (as Hans Siebert) – Berlin.

Publication Thomas Wachweger/Ina Barfuss (Berlin).


Publication of Painters in Berlin (featuring 30 interviews and photographs of artists such as Georg Baselitz, Jörg Immendorff, Markus Lüpertz, Rainer Fetting, Bernd Zimmer and others. With Voker Diehl.

Publication “…UND”, documenting the art world in Berlin. With Volker Diehl.

Contributing writer for STERN Magazin, Berliner Kunstblatt und Zitty Magazin (Germany).


Publication of Untitled ‘84, a photo-book on the art world of the 80s; Pelham Press; New York.

Curator for the exhibition 5 Painters from Berlin, Daniel Newburg Gallery, New York (with Rainer Fetting, Bernd Zimmer, Elvira Bach, K.H. Hödicke,and Peter Chevalier).

Publication Eastvillage; Egret Publications, New York. The first documentary on new arts activities in downtown Manhattan.

Exhibition Photos by Roland Roland; Rosa Esman Gallery, New York.


Exhibition Psycho Pueblo , Fernando Vijande Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

Publication of Eastvillage Part II, Egret Publications, New York.

Exhibition Eastvillage Funktional, Rosa Esman Gallery, New York.

Publication Upheaval, the first book on Mark Kostabi (New York).


Initiator and organizer of “Happy Happy” – a children’s coloring book. Among the 60 internationally renowned artists are Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Eric Fischl, Tom Wesselmann, Christo and others.

Founder of Artfinder Magazine, New York.


Publication of The Graphic Work of Walter Königstein, Egret Publications, New York – Vienna.


Co-founder and editor of the magazine Art of Russia and the West, Apollon Foundation, NewYork Milano (with Michael Chemiakin).


Publication Dupe of Being, Edition Lafayette, New York, 608 pages on Dutch painter Karel Appel and Japanese performer Min Tanaka.

Translating the poetry of Friederike Mayröcker (German/English).


Publication of Happy Happy, part II; for UNICEF, Edition Lafayette, New York.

Roland’s book Untitled is part of the “Media-Image” exhibition at the Whitney Museum in New York.

Publication exhibition catalogue Alfred Grunwald, Austrian Cultural Institute in New York (Curator Henry Grunwald, former editor-in -chief of TIME magazine).

Publication Alexander Rutsch – 40 years of sculptures and paintings. A book on the Austrian artist who was a contemporary of Andre Malreaux and Salvadore Dali.


Publication of The Complete Sculptures of Karel Appel; Edition Lafayette, New York, 408 pages. With Harriet de Visser


Together with Bernd Zimmer co-founder and editor of the German art magazine plantSÜDEN. Collaboration with Yayoi Kusama.


Film and script for two music videos on Hitomi Mieno. Tokyo/New Mexico.

Exhibition “Jean-Michel Basquiat – photos by Roland Hagenberg” at Moca-Foundation, Tokyo.


Founder and editor of the monthly culture supplement “PLANT” in Tokyo Journal.

Contributor to “Mondän”, German TV ZDF.

Group exhibition “Tokyo Rooms”, Kawasaki.


Exhibition “New York Artists” – Photos by Roland at Gallery 360°, Tokyo (with portraits of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring Robert Mapplethorpe, Louise Bourgeois, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francesco Clemente and 30 other artists.


Curator of the exhibition “sur/FACE: 14 Contemporary Japanese Architects” at BMW Square in Tokyo. With photographs by Roland and models by architects such as Tadao Ando, Arata Isozaki, Toyo Ito, Kazuyo Sejima, Kenzo Tange, Jun Aoki, Kengo Kuma and others.

Roland writes, conceives and directs video documentary “SurFACE – 14 Contemporary Japanese Architects” (co-director Karl Neubert). Released on DVD by Uplink/Tokyo in 2003.

Photo documentary on Issey Miyake in Berlin for Soen-Magazine, Tokyo.


Roland conceives internet project “SHELTER: Modern Architecture and the Meaning of Security in our Times”. For this project Roland collects video statements from international architects. T/N Probe Gallery, Tokyo.


Roland conceives, writes and films documentary on Land Art projects. Travels with photographer Sheila Metzner through the American Southwest.

Exhibition “22 Photographs by Roland Hagenberg” at Maison Franco-Japonaise, Tokyo.

Exhibition “Planes to catch, and things to see!” – photographs by Roland Hagenberg at the Gallery of the Austrian Embassy, Tokyo.

DVD realease of Roland’s documentary “SurFACE – 14 Contemporary Japanese Architects” (Uplink, Tokyo).

Movie theater film screenings of Roland’s documentary “SurFACE” in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto  and Aichi.


CD release GALAXY – with 16 songs written and composed by Roland. Riverside Music, Tokuo

Publication 14 JAPANESE ARCHITECTS with photos and interviews by Roland. Published by Kashiwa Shobo, Tokyo.

Exhibition C’EST SI BON! at Orbient, Tokyo. With Roland’s photos and a video collage from Paris.


Exhibition LIGHTYEARS at Artium, Fukuoka, Japan. With architectural photos, portraits and a video documentary by Roland on Japanese architects Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma, Kazuyo Sejima, Terunobu Fujimori and Jun Aoki.

Exhibition KYOTO at the Gallery of the Austrian Embassy, Tokyo. With photos and a video by Roland.

2006 – 2010

Producer and editor of videos for BMW Magazine homepage.


Exhibition SOBYO – With architectural photos and a video by Roland as well as drawings by Toyo Ito, Kazuyo Sejima, Kengo Kuma, Jun Aoki and Terunobu Fujimori; Hubert Winter Gallery, Vienna, Austria.

Exhibition 40+/40- at Sin Sin Fine Arts, Hong Kong – with photos by Roland.


Exhibition BEAUTIFUL – with Roland’s portraits of 33 outstanding women. Le Meridien Grand Pacific, Tokyo.

Publication WORDS + VISUALS, Hong Kong. Roland collaborates with architect Kengo Kuma, designer Sin Sin, explorer Wong How Man and photographer Matthieu Ricard.

Roland writes song-lyrics for Japanese TV station Wowow.

Roland visits the Amazon for a film documentary on Flavio Varani.


Book publication INDONESIAN INVASION – encounters with 14 Indonesian contemporary artists; interviews and photos by Roland; published by Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong; 124 pages, hard cover

Documentary and video on volcanoes in Japan for BMW Magazine

Yokohama Triennale National Day, presentation by Austrian Embassy in Japan of Roland’s video works, October 2008


Garden City Publishers, Taiwan, releases Roland’s new book “20 Japanese Architects” (Chinese/English)

Photo exhibition at Ohara Museum in Kurashiki, Japan April 2009

Stern Fotografie – new book on Nobuyoshi Araki

Release of Roland’s second CD album “Show Me” with 16 new songs (December 2009)

Exhibition “Architecture of the Future” at Mitsubishi Jisho Artium, Fukuoka, Japan


“Raiding Project” – Roland invites 10 Japanese architects to create concepts for multi-functional spaces in the village of Raiding,  birthplace of composer Franz Liszt, in Austria.

“JapanLisztRaiding” is the title of an exhibition curated by Roland Hagenberg at the Architecture Museum in Vienna (September 10 – 27). Participating architects: Jun Aoki, Terunobu Fujimori, Hiroshi Hara, Toyo Ito, Klein-Dytham, Kengo Kuma, SANAA/Sejima-Nishizawa, Tezuka Architects and Yasuhiro Yamashita.

Workshop in Raiding: Roland invites Terunobu Fujimori, Kengo Kuma and Hiroshi Hara for lectures at the Liszt Concert Hall in Raiding, Austria.


Kashiwa Shobo, Tokyo,  publishes Roland’s new book on Japanese Architecture “24 Architects in Japan”. (Japanese/English)

Roland’s exhibition “Raiding Project: Crossover Architecture” opens at the BMW Group Space in Tokyo and introduces the works of nine Japanese architects – among them SANAA, Kengo Kuma, Toyo Ito, Hiroshi Hara,Terunobu Fujimori, Jun Aoki, Sou Fujimoto and others. Roland invited the architects to create new models of micro-houses for the birthplace of Franz Liszt in Raiding, Austria.

On the occasion of Franz Liszt’s 200th birthday October 22 – construction starts of first building of the Raiding Project. It is called “Storkhouse” – a creation by Terunobu Fujimori.  Richard Woschitz of Richard Woschitz Engineering joins the Raiding Project and is in charge of the construction process. Interior wood works by Tischlerei Ecker.

A film on the philosophy of  Hiroshi Hara by Roland Hagenberg is part of the exhibition “Architectural Environments for Tomorrow” at the MOT (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo) – curated by Kazuyo Sejima/SANAA


Roland curates the exhibition “Kleinarbeit – Small Works for a Small Town”. Sketches, notes and photos by 19 artists including Christo, Gilbert & George, Joerg Immendorff, Karel Appel, Sheila Metzner and others. The exhibition takes place during the Franz Liszt Festival in Raiding.

Roland and project partner Richard Woschitz open Terunobu Fujimori’s Storkhouse in Raiding. 400 people attend. Speakers at the ceremony are Japanese ambassador Shigeo Iwatani and the director of the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna (MAK) Christoph Thun-Hohenstein. 


“Japan in Raiding 2013”. For the second time, Roland and stage costume designer Hiromi Utsui introduce Japanese musicians at the birthplace of composer Franz Liszt. Among this year’s participants are Hisako Kiriyama/piano, Nao Fujita/piano, Yuri Yamada/soprano,  Satoko Kawagoe/organ, Fumie Yamashita/Marimba and Yumi Suzuki/piano.

Roland and architect Hiroshi Hara present the concepts for “Hara Haus”  (a small guesthouse in Raiding/Austria).

Roland curates the exhibition “Cloud of Humanity” by Swiss artist Karl A. Meyer. Uli Gassmann installs his outdoor sculpture  “Stage for Raiding”.

On the occasion of Sin Sin Fine Arts Gallery’s 10-year-anniversary in Hong Kong, Roland exhibits his sculpture “Poems in my head”

The October edition of Wallpaper Magazine publishes a story on Roland and Hiroshi Hara.


Roland directs interview videos with international musicians for the Franz Liszt Festival in Raiding.


Roland and his team receive the Austrian Tourism Innovation Prize for the production of Terunobu Fujimori’s Storkhouse in Raiding. The proceeds are donated to the village of Raiding to build Hiroshi Hara’s sculptural shelter “Three Travelers/Drei Wanderer”. 

Mitsubishi Artium in Fukuoka exhibits Roland’s making of “Storkhouse” designed by Terunobu Fujimori. 

Roland contributes text and photographs to Jos Pirkner’s book “Die Bullen von Fuschl” published by Red Bull.  

Roland is one of the speakers at the opening of the new Red Bull headquaerter in Fuschl/Austria,  designed by Jos Pirkner.

Opening celebration of the sculptural shelter “Three Travelers/Drei Wanderer” in Raiding. It was designed by Hiroshi Hara and developed together with Roland.

Exhibition “Basquiat and Friends” at Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong, with photos by Roland.


Lecture by landscape designer Yoshiki Toda together with Roland at the Franz Liszt Center in Raiding.

Exhibition “Körperlandschaft” at Ponyhof Artclub Munich with photographs bei Sheila Metzner and Roland.

Installation of “Birdman” – a permanent outdoor sculpture by Swiss artist Karl A. Meyer in Raiding, Austria where Roland envisioned a sculpture park.

Exhibition “Hidden/Versteckt”  in an abandoned farmhouse in Raiding/Austria (birthplace of Franz Liszt) with Roland and 30 international artists participating. 


Roland designs “Silverhouse” – a gallery space that serves also as a guest house in Raiding/Austria – birthplace of composer Franz Liszt (In collaboration with architect Lisa Zentner). Construction finished in spring 2017.

Together with Roland co-organizes  “Welt in Bewegung/A World in Change” at the Franz Liszt Center in Raiding/Austria. The weekend symposium features lectures and discussions with renowed foreign correspondents. 


Shoshi Maimai, Tokyo and Art in Flow, Berlin publish Roland’s new book “Poems” (Hardcover, 132 pages, with German and English texts).

Tenor Gernot Heinrich performs Roland’s “Vor meinem Fenster/In front of my window” at the Franz Liszt Concert Hall in Raiding/Austria. The poem is part of Roland’s new book “Poems”. Eduard Kutrowatz wrote the music. 

International soprano Ildiko Raimondi performs Roland’s “Vor meinem Fenster/In front of my window” at the Mozart Haus in Vienna. Eduard Kutrowatz wrote the music.

Publication of “The Art of Jean-Michel Basquiat” by Fred Hoffman with photos by Roland (Publisher Enrico Navarra, Paris).

International literary festival “Grenzenlos lesen/Reading without borders” opens in June with Roiland’s new book “Poems”. Actresses Andrea Schramek and Sophie Wegleitner together with Roland read Roland’s texts. (June 16, Lockenhaus).

During summer Roland and Swiss artist Karl A. Meyer exhibit their works in Raiding, birthplace of composer Franz Liszt, together with their friends. (Opening June 24 at NG39 Art Space).

“Basquiat: Boom for Real” is the exhibition title at the Barbican in London with a wall-sized photo of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s studio by roland. Catalogue includes Roland’s portraits of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Opening celebration September 20.


As part of the exhibition “Jean-Michel Basquiat – Works from the Mugrabi Collection” the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in São Paulo features wall-sized image of Basquiat by Roland . The catalogue also includes some of his photographs. January 25 – April 7, 2018.

Roland’s photo exhibition “Basquiat im Atelier” Galerie Peter Sillem @ MARIA Fahrgasse 10 next to Schirn Kunsthalle . In addition to the large size photographs of Jean-Michel Basquiat the venue also features photo portraits that Roland took of Basquiat’s fellow artists Julian Schnabel, Keith Haring, Robert Mapplethorpe, Andy Warhol, Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Holzer and others. February 14 to May 26, 2018.

Vienna State Opera soprano Ildiko Raimondi sings the poem “Vor meinem Fenster” (In front of my window) by Roland Hagenberg at the Franz Liszt Festival in Raiding, Austria with music composed by Eduard Kutrowatz. March 25, 2018.

Roland Hagenberg photo exhibition at Mitsubishi Jisho Artium Gallery in Fukuoka, Japan. September 8 – October 21, 2018. 7000 visitors. A catalogue is published.

“Jetlag” – a theater play written by Roland Hagenberg  premier at Rationaltheater Munich. November 6 – 9 and November 26 – 29, 2018. 


Stage talk with critic Mikado Koyanagi at Yebisu Garden Cinema, Tokyo. January 8, 2019. On the occasion of the film documentary release in Japan “Boom for Real: The early teenage years of Jean-Michel Basquiat”.

Additional performances of “Jetlag”- a theater play written by Roland Hagenberg at Rationaltheater in Munich. Jan 15, 16 and 17.

Exhibition “NY / moment” at RVCA Shibuya gallery in Tokyo. March 1-24, 2019.  Roland’s photographs from New York in the 1980s.

New poem book “RIO: Love and Life in Times of Executions (with Polaroids by Karl A. Meyer) released March 3, 2019 by Art In Flow publishers, Berlin.

New book: “Raiding Project 2009 – 2019. Ten fabulous years”. “Raiding Project” chronicles all the events, exhibitions, publications and architecture that Roland initiated at the birthplace of composer Franz Liszt in Austria. Art In Flow publishers, Berlin.

Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition at Mori Museum Tokyo (Mori Arts Center Gallery. September 21 – November 17, 2019 with photographs by Roland.

Photo exhibition in Dublin, Ireland at Sal Fine Art Gallery with Roland’s photographs. Curated by Joe Henry. Opening November 13, 2019 during Dublin Art Fair which features promotion posters and brochure covers with Banksy and Roland.


Creating an inflatable version of Terunobu Fujimori’s Storkhouse in Raiding for the “Burgenland Extrem 24-Hour-Walk” around Lake Neusiedl.

Roland reads for kids Wilhelm Hauff’s fairy tale “The Story of Khalif Stork” (in Japanese) at Chionsha. Supported by the City of Kyoto. (August 22).

Opening of STOA169 museum in Polling near Munich. Roland creates with flower artist Makoto Azuma a 4-meter column as part of a permanent installation. (September 13)

Group exhibition “Tokyo Curiosity” at Bunkamura museum in Tokyo/Shibuya with photographs by Roland. October 20 – November 12. 

Three-part-webinar for Technical University Vienna with Roland online live from Kyoto and Tokyo reporting on architecture and lifestyle in Japan. (October to December)

Exhibition in Kyoto: “Roland Hagenberg: Portraits of Creative People” at Hagenberg Studio+Arcadia. November 28-29. Supported by the City of Kyoto and Austrian Embassy.

Roland’s poem “When we have all” inspires inscence candle by Sin Sin Man in Hong Kong and provides also name to product series.


Kyoto. Roland participates in studio exhibition “Meister’s Works”  with traditional ceramics masters Hiroshi Miyamoto, Toraku Morisato, Yugen Sugimoto and urushi (lacquerware) artist Kenji Omaji. On view are some of Roland’s handwritten works on paper, ceramics and kimono fabric (February)

Kyoto. Exhibition “NY 1983 revisited” at ACE Hotel F1 Gallery (designed by Kengo Kuma). Roland’s black and white photoportraits on canvas of art stars in New York. (September)

Tokyo. Installation “Fuji Stool” at Nadoya Gallery Yoyogi Uehara. The piece of furniture was originally designed by architect Terunobu Fujimori for “Storkhouse” –  a guest house that Fujimori and Roland built in 2012 in Raiding, Austria – birthplace of composer Franz Liszt. 

Kyoto. Exhibition at Jinpuan “Autumn in Kyoto”. Roland collaborates with traditional ceramics masters Hiroshi Miyamoto and Yugen Sugimoto and urushi (lacquerware) artist Kenji Omaji for a series of works titled “Crazy Love Rice Bowls”. (November)

Kyoto. Event at Rekisaikan autitorium. Roland and architect Terunobu Fujimori talk about their experiences when building “Storkhouse” in Raiding, Austria, at the birthplace of composer Franz Liszt. (December 12).


Roland in group exhibition “Celebration” at Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong. January 22 – March 22

Book release “Crosby Street” which features the works and times of Roland Hagenberg and Karl A. Meyer during the 1980s in NY where they shared a studio on Crosby Street. Their Soho neighbors were artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Jeff Koons, Francesco Clemente, Robert Mapplethorpe, among others. Text and photos by Roland Hagenberg with an epilogue by  Abigail R. Esman. 144 pages, 120 photographs. ISBN 978-3-938457-47-4. Published by ArtInFlow Berlin 

“Crosby Street” book presentation at Müller Palermo Books in Basel/Switzerland during Art Basel. June 17.

ORF TV interviews Roland as part of report on Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition at the Albertina museum, Vienna. September 12.

Exhibition “New York Friends” at Imura Art Gallery Kyoto with Roland’s photographs (September – November).

Tokyo Art Book Fair. Presentation of Roland’s book “Multiverse”  with Roland’s photos, poems, drawings. Produced by SUN-M Color, Tokyo. September 27.

Kyoto Museum of Crafts and Design. Group exhibition “+R” (November). Roland’s collaboration works with Hiroshi Miyamoto (ceramics), Kenji Omachi (lacquerware/urushi) and Yugen Sugimoto (ceramics). 

Taipei. “Roland Hagenberg photo portraits from the 1980s” at Dimensions Art Center. (Dec 3 – Jan 10)

Düsseldorf. Roland’s and Erika Anna Schumacher’s photos at Galerie Coelner-Zimmer. (Dec 9 – Feb 26, 2023)

Kyoto.  “Multiverse”. Roland’s photos, ceramics, drawings and music at Galerie Sugata – Zenkashoin  (Jan 6 – 29)


Tokyo, Harajuku. “Andyworld”. Roland’s New York portraits and book presentation at Marc Jacobs’ “BOOKMARC”.

Kyoto. “KOWAKU – Seduction/Fascination”. Roland’s drawings, photos, objects at Rokujuan – former studio of Keinen Imao (1845 – 1924)


Tokyo, Harajuku.  “Basquiat: 14 Stations of the Cross/Fiction and Fact” (kyojitsu). Roland’s paintings and photos at gallery SO1.

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